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At no cost to you, speak to a licensed physician and get your prescription sent straight to your home

We know that it can be both expensive and strenuous for pain sufferers to visit the doctor and pick up prescriptions. Therefor we have developed a service where you can have a consultation with a licensed physician and receive your prescription strength medicine, direct from your home. Answer a few simple questions and you will, at no cost to you, be transferred to a licensed physician. During your free consultation, the doctor will evaluate your condition and prescribe you the optimal medication to treat your pain. Your prescription will thereafter be delivered straight to your home.

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  • NOTE: We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never sell your protected information to a third party. We will never add your name to a call list or third-party email list.



  • 24 hour Service

    We are never closed. You can at any time input your data and our friendly staff will contact you as fast as possible

  • Licensed physician

    We only worked with trained and licensed medical professionals. The person you will be speaking with is a doctor with the ability of prescribing you the medication needed to treat your ailments.

  • free consultation

    Your phone consultation will be of no cost to you. We want to help you get the treatment you need in a comfortable and inexpensive way.

  • secure and safe

    We protect your data and privacy. Your data will only be used to ensure that we can get get in contact with you and provide the physician with the information required to provide you with a professional consultation.

  • home delivery

    It can be a troublesome task for pain sufferers to travel to the doctor and thereafter to the pharmacy and stand in line to get a prescription filled. We deliver your prescription drugs to ensure that you can go through the entire process from the comfort of your own home.

  • fast delivery

    Delivery time will vary a bit depending on the home state of the client but most of our prescriptions are delivered within 24 hours of the prescription being issued. Our friendly staff will call you up to agree on a delivery time to ensure that you are home since prescription strength drugs has to be hand delivered.

Our Patient Say’s

I have suffered from severe back pain for a while after a scooter accident. I have limited funds so the ability to get a free consultation with a licensed doctor from E-careplus was very helpful. The doctor prescribed me the correct pain relief and the drugs arrived at my door two days later. I would definitely recommend E-careplus to anyone in my situation.

I struggle with diabetic nerve pain, which at time can be almost crippling and leave me unable to leave my house for several days. Having the ability to get a consultation over the phone and the pain relief sent directly to my door has been a godsend for me.


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